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The symbol of the buffalo holds deep significance for Jim Heuler, President of Stone Dimensions, and his family. When Steve Juech, a beloved member of the Heuler family, was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1995, the family rallied together to support Steve in what would become the most difficult and final fight of his life. 

The buffalo has long stood as a symbol of resilience, determination and strength. Steve personally saw the buffalo as a “dying breed making a comeback.” The Heuler family, in a joint effort with compassionate friends, named themselves “Team Buffalo” and began compiling a monthly newsletter for Steve, called Buffalo Tracks. The newsletter spread positive information to lift spirits and unite the family during the hardest months of Steve’s battle. Steve died in May of 1995. The image of the buffalo lives far beyond his death.

Stone Dimensions Logo

In 1996, Jim Heuler and his family purchased land in Pewaukee, Wisconsin to accommodate the growing family businesses, Heuler Tile and Ceramic Tool Company. While completing building permits, it was an instinctive choice to name the new structure “The Buffalo Building.” The entrance to the building held the following statement, composed by Steve’s wife, Cheryl: “The Buffalo Building was named to honor those who fight adversity with courage and those who support them in their fight.”

buffalo building, pewaukee, wi

The Buffalo Building was constructed using Prairie style architecture in order to integrate the surrounding landscape and unite the building with the prairie animal it was named after - the buffalo. The interior was filled with beautiful Mountain Green and Lake Placid Blue granites, exhibiting the natural features of the outdoors. The defining feature of the building was the stunning natural stone buffalo insignia in the lobby, made entirely of waterjet-cut granite.

Buffalo Building Pewaukee WI

During construction, Jim and business employees found themselves with growing expertise and passion for the natural stone industry. Stone Dimensions was born of this expertise and passion in 1997. Jim strategically chose the buffalo, the symbol of Steve’s strength and passion for life, as the logo of the company. It represents resilience, determination and strength and is a wonder of natural beauty. The Heuler family and the Stone Dimensions workforce are committed to these values and the fashioning of naturally beautiful marble, granite, and quartz countertops.

At Stone Dimensions, the buffalo is used as a logo to honor the commitment to producing both relationships and products that embody resilience, determination and strength.

The Juech Family WI

Photographed from Left: Matt Juech, John Juech, Cheryl Juech, Ben Juech

Due to significant company growth over the past two decades, we relocated to a new building better suited to the operations of a successful stone fabrication company. We are now located a few miles away from the original "Buffalo Building" at W237 N2872 Woodgate Road, Pewaukee but the symbolism of the buffalo logo origin, lives on.

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