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By: Stone Dimensions

You have many choices when choosing granite countertops, quartz countertops, and marble countertops for your home. The color of the granite, the edges, and the finish are all important. You can dramatically change the look of your space by paying attention to these final details, such as the granite finish. What is the difference between polished, honed, and brushed granite and what should you choose when adding granite to your home? Find out how to make the right choice between polished, honed, and brushed granite!


Polishing gives a smooth surface a shiny, glossier appearance. Additionally, the polish coats the stone's surface to help it repel moisture, which allows it to withstand stains better. It seals more pores on its surface, making the stone resistant to stains. As a result of the reflective nature of the finish, it is more prone to scratches. To maintain the luster of polished finishes, the stone must be regularly cleaned with proper cleaners and resealed.

Polished Recap

  • Feel: Smooth

  • Look: Glossy & Shiny

  • Durability: Scratch and etch easily, but more stain-resistant.

  • Recommended Application: Kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, and walls.

  • Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and dish soap, clean spills immediately.


Unlike polished stone, which is reflective, honed stone has a matte finish that creates a softer feel due to its smooth, flat, consistent surface. Due to its matte finish, honed granite is more resistant to scratches. The scratch on a honed granite surface is less noticeable than on a polished surface because light won't reflect off it as easily as it does on a polished surface. However, honed granite is more likely to stain, so spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. Due to its matte finish, when it gets wet, it is less slippery than polished surfaces, making it suitable for flooring.

Honed Recap

  • Feel: Velvet/Satin

  • Looks: Matte

  • Durability: Scratch-resistant, but easily stained.

  • Recommended Application: Countertops and high-traffic areas, such as floors for the bathroom, foyer, or living room.

  • Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and dish soap, clean up spills immediately, re-sealing suggested over time.


The brushed finish gives natural stone a textured appearance while maintaining its natural color. Brushed surfaces have a soft sheen, but are less shiny than polished slabs with a glossy appearance. It hides fingerprints, water spots, and smudges well, but does not prevent etching and staining. Soft to the touch, it adds a subtle texture and sensory element. Also called leathered or antiqued.

Brushed Recap

  • Feel: Soft, slightly textured

  • Looks: Matte/textured appearance

  • Durability: Can disguise minor scratching or imperfection, but doesn't prevent etching/staining.

  • Recommended Application: Countertops are great for any project and are a must-have for rustic aesthetics.

  • Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and dish soap, clean up spills immediately, re-sealing suggested over time.





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